How Can We Help?


We understand that building a custom home is usually the largest investment in money, time and energy that most people will make in a lifetime. We are dedicated to building your home to the highest caliber and service. To achieve this, we work with you every step of the way and foster a close relationship to ensure an exceptional custom built home.

By starting early and working together, we will help you find you ideal location and design for your custom built home. To ensure the project is done on time and on budget, we will obtain construction costs and timelines. Together with the architect we can put together the home of your dreams. Jade Custom Home will make every effort to understand your needs by asking you the right questions. We will be in constant contact with you making sure every detail is addressed. We will provide with a monthly timeline. We will inform you of what input we will need from you and when.

Prior to construction, all permits will be obtained and any association requirements will be integrated into the construction plans.

Daily, we will handle construction implementation and constant coordination of subcontractors and suppliers, while maintaining the time line and budget. Any changes to budget or time line by either construction or client needs will be discussed, agreed upon and implemented as needed. The key is to having the majority of design and construction decisions made prior to startup.

Prior to move-in date, all inspections will be finalized, all follow-up questions resolved and closing will be complete.

We are happy to help guide you with all the details and personal touches to make the custom home truly yours. Contact us for a free estimate today and start building your dream home tomorrow.

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