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Jade Custom Home was founded by Greg Schwermer, long time resident of the Chicago area.  Greg has 17 years of custom home building experience and has built homes in more than 10 cities.  Greg dedicates himself to every detail of the project so no more than 2 or 3 custom built homes are built a year.

Greg is an exceptional Project Manager and he pays meticulous attention to the home building site.  All subcontractors and trades are required to follow his strict guidelines of quality, timeliness and cleanliness.  You can walk through your custom home at any time and find an organized and well managed job.

It is important to our company that the house not only looks beautiful but runs beautifully.  Greg will advise you on the materials and equipment best suited for your custom home and budget.  His years of experience will help you choose what will work best for you and your home.

Greg prides himself on his quick response and open, honest, communications with his client and his subcontractors.

As Jade Custom Home does 2-3 homes a year; most custom homes are done under a year, usually about 10 months.  Due to the ever changing nature of Chicago weather it is important that construction of your custom home move quickly to reduce moisture absorption.  We also realize time is money and the longer construction takes, the higher the overall costs of a project.  We value your time and money.  We are devoted to our customers. Give Greg a call at (847) 809-2552.

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